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How to Arrange Laptop Table for Study/Work

by Syed Tabish 26 Feb 2021 0 Comments
A work desk is where you grind out countless hours of a week for a living. The last thing that it needs to be is uncomfortable. Every small feature and detail of this space should be designed to make your life easier and comfortable, so that you can push through those hard work days with ease.

Uncomfortable arrangements, lack of ergonomics, and many other factors can cause some serious damage like hampering your eye-sight, chronic back pain, or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Your surroundings have a huge impact on how you perform at work and your productivity. So by making a few tweaks, you can achieve the sweet spot. That consistent impact the workplace has on you really affects your long term health.

So, today we’ll talk about how to get most things right and what you can change about your space to get the most out of the hours you put in.  

Ergonomic Setup                                                                    

Ergonomics basically means the efficiency of the design in which your space is set up. It is the concept of ideally setting your laptop table in a way that minimizes the effort your body has to make doing menial tasks such as sitting in one place and typing for hours and hours. This, in the long term, can get taxing on your body and health in general. So here are some points to get right to keep the pains away!

1. Ideal Desk Height: Your desk height is optimal when your arms are parallel to the floor and your feet are flat. That gives you the right posture to sit perfectly and be able to work for hours.

2. Ergonomic Chairs: The chair is the next important feature of your work setup. There are a few things you should be looking for in a perfect office chair, and it completely depends on your personal preferences. These things include lumbar support, seat depth, chair height, armrests, recline-ability, and material.

3. Laptop Placement: The placement of your screen determines your viewing angle. When adjusted right, it can save you a lot of neck pain. Some points to keep in mind include making sure that the screen is at least 20-40 inches, the laptop’s top-line meets your eye-line or below it, and not tilt the screen more than 10-20 degrees.

4. Keyboard and Mouse Placement: If you work for long hours on your laptop, the chances are that you use an external keyboard and mouse. This brings two more elements that require intelligent placement for efficiency. For this, you can get a mouse pad with a wrist rest and the keyboard could be housed inside a stand that points it downwards.

5. Proper Posture: All the Ergonomic gear will fail to work if you don’t pay attention to your posture. Taking regular notice of your posture is a good habit to have. You should also incorporate stretching breaks and walk around for 10 seconds when your body starts feeling a little stocky.


The lighting of your workspace plays a huge role in how much your eyes have to work. Poor lighting can badly impact your mood and well-being and lead to eye-strain, stress, fatigue, and sometimes even poor mental health. The best kind of light that you should be working under is natural light.

Natural light and a view of nature are the best ways to reduce stress while working. They improve morale, decrease anxiety, and give you the motivation to work. Sometimes when you lack the powers of concentration, you can switch off for a few seconds, take a look outside and instantly feel refreshed.

If you can choose where you have to work, always go for a place near a window since it can be a natural light source for you. People already have to look at computer screens for most of their days, but a little natural light can change the dynamic of how you feel.


With perfect light and setup, you can arrange for yourself a workplace where you’d love spending most of your day. Keep these points in mind, especially when you’re trying to setup a “work from home” desk.

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