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Which is the Best Laptop Desk Setup for Productivity?

by Ashish Anand 28 Jan 2021 0 Comments

Most working professionals are used to work 9 hours a day, parked at a desk designed by their company for productivity, in a setting where you’re surrounded by your coworkers and motivational quotes that help you through your day. You know when your coffee break is, you know when you get to go home. There’s a particular routine that you settle into.

But then came the pandemic, and things started going haywire. Everything we knew about our daily lives had to be readjusted into new routines and patterns. People began working from home, not because of convenience, but out of necessity. This also made many companies realize how much they can save by just letting people work from home! There are ways where working from home can become way more productive than in an office setting.

That is our segue into today’s topic, increasing productivity in your home office or temporary workspace. This involves decorative adjustments, ergonomic changes, and other options that make your life at home/work more comfortable. So let’s take a look at some of these smart tips!

1. Workspace Setup near a Window

When your desk is near a window, you get to enjoy more productivity, simply because your world is expanded beyond just the things in front of you. A view of the outside world is great to encourage more enthusiasm for getting your work done and going back out there. Studies suggest that looking out the window every 10 20 minutes is great for your eye-sight and concentration in general. Natural light makes you more alert, reduces stress, and improves your mood, which is always suitable for your work life.

2. The Wonders of the Standing Desk

A new trend that has been catching up is standing desks. One adverse impact of hectic work life on the human body comes from sitting around for hours on a stretch. These problems include increased blood sugar, insufficient cholesterol levels, and an increased risk of heart diseases. A standing desk can remedy this all. Studies also suggest you also feel a boost in productivity because sitting around makes you lazy. There are options available for a desk that can be converted into a sitting or standing table.

3. Ergonomic Chair Setup

Realistically, you are not going to get an absolute standing desk setup because it has a hint of finality to it, which no one enjoys. If you decide to sit, you should go for an ergonomic chair that fits your body posture and keeps your eyes at the right level. Such ergonomic chairs are designed for comfort during work. They provide the right balance, where the comfort sustains your productivity and doesn’t make you lazy and lethargic.

4. Bring the Ergonomics to Everything Else!

When your keyboard and mouse are enhanced for easing your life, they also boost your productivity. Just the feeling of your hands gliding through these peripherals helps you de-clutter your mind and focus the most on the task at hand. These enhanced keyboards and mice are also designed for long periods and remove carpel tunnel syndrome caused due to increased strain on the wrists. If you’re struggling to make your hands work for such long periods, concentrating on the actual work might get complicated.

5. Plants for a Calm Setting

Even a single plant around your workspace may work wonders. According to research, there are several ways to have a living plant around your workspace to increase your productivity. They purify the air around you with fresher oxygen and help improve focus and overall productivity.

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