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Our routines are changing as our lives are upheaved by the changes brought by COVID-19. Work from home is the new normal for workers around the world.

A10SHOP is a brain child of Ashish Anand, an Architect by profession, with over 20 years of rich experience in interior architecture-with a passion for furniture design. Led by a team of young designers and like minds, he studied the changing trends in work life, searched for appropriate solutions and reviewed feedbacks from the end users. The outcome is a curation of the best, the most essential, high quality yet affordable work from home furniture.

How to set up an ergonomic workspace?

Can you feel it? That twitch in your neck, or that pain in your lower back? It might be the way you’re using your workspace. We can’t promise you less hours working, but we can help out with making a body and mind friendly office space that’ll cut down on that work fatigue.

Think of your seating space

Look for a chair that gives back support, is adjustable, and swivels allowing for movement. Height-wise, you want to be able to sit upright with your monitor at eye height, and your arms and elbows at a 90-degree angle with your hands, just above your keyboard. Armrests on the chair help support in this position. Switching between sitting and standing during the day can help strengthen your core and improve your metabolism.

Standing up

Working in a standing position carries the same ergonomic rules as sitting. “You want to adjust your desk so that the top of your monitor is at eye height, and that your arms can rest easily just above your keyboard and you aren’t reaching up. If you have a hard floor underneath you, a mat makes things easier for your knees, as does a pair of comfortable shoes. The important thing here is also to move and sit down from time to time too.”

Organised storage

Organised storage helps make your workspace an easy place to work. Expert's advice is to organise things so the equipment you use most is closest to the desk, and the things you use less often are further away. Labels are an easy way to find everything, and boxes keep paper filed and collections uncluttered.

The right light

A well-lit environment also helps concentration and relieves eye strain. Especially using light levels similar to daylight. “If you can, setting up a workspace next to a window is ideal. But you can also recreate daylight using light bulbs that have similar light spectrum to natural sunshine (Kelvin 5000 or up). Task lighting on the desk helps provide focused lighting on work too.”

Let in nature

“Plenty of fresh air also helps concentration, if you don’t have a window that opens, plants are great for filtering stale air and oxygenating your working environment. Finally, make sure to keep hydrated. Drinking water has been shown to help with focus even if you’re stuck in the middle of doing spreadsheets.”

our product selection process

With a focus to create comfortable and effective home workspaces, besides having our own design and production facilities, our team regularly evaluates product offerings from 1000+ relevant top brands all across India. We look for 3 main offerings:


Product design is evaluated based on ergonomics, engineering and technology. We look for products which are durable, comfortable to use and help to increase productivity.


The product offered should add value to the workspace, appropriately priced and easy to install. We are always on a look out for great deals & promotions.


We look for top brands with high customer review and ratings with impeccable customer service. A10Shop is a buyer centric marketplace and offers only genuine products.