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5 Secrets to Design Bookshelves

by Ashish Anand 26 Feb 2021 0 Comments

Bookshelves are the heart of your room. They give you enough real estate to fill your space with books, decorative accessories, etc. Styling bookshelves is supposedly an easy task, but once you explore the options, there is so much you can do to the overall aesthetics of your room with placement, color schemes, patterns, etc.

You want there to be a sense of style and personalization when it comes to your bookshelves. This is why stylizing it makes sense. You can incorporate so many ideas to make the style of your bookshelf resonate with your personality.

There are many rooms that a bookshelf fits. Whether you place them in your bedroom, hall, or even make an entire library out of it, wherever you put a bookshelf up, you can add more style to that room. This comes with many artistic choices you can make to make the space functional and very attractive.

It can be tedious and tiring when you have to think about it yourself, but we’re trying to help you with this guide. So today, we’ll talk about some creative ways to use your bookshelves, or if you’re planning to get one made/buy, give you some ideas to start with.


1. Stacking Patterns

The way you decide to stack your books on the shelf can make for many variable options. You could stack your books based on their colors, sizes, or thickness. If you have a more extensive collection want to go for a more convenient arrangement, you can stack the books according to alphabetical order or numerical order. For even more significant structures, you can go for an attractive chart with a guide to all your books, making it a feature of the place.

2. Mixing in other Objects

Bookshelves don’t have to only house books. They give you space to showcase some of your most decorative pieces. You can come up with different configurations of books and objects and mix them around. Making it an all bookshelf could sometimes make it look monotonous, which is why placing objects here and there is a great idea. These objects can be anything from showpieces, personal trophies, collectable items, etc.

3. Lighting

Lighting, when it comes to any decoration, is an important aspect. You can incorporate many lambs, fairy lights, bulbs, etc., to make the entire collection come out more wholesomely for a bookshelf. You can also accentuate the background of your front pieces with yellow lights. Some ambient lighting can make things look interesting.

4. Color Schemes

Colors are the best way to make any kind of decorating interesting. When you play around with the various color palates available in your room already, you can use the bookshelf as a tool to bring out the colors even more. One way to creatively mix things around is by small lamps on alternate shelves.

5. Layering Objects

Coming up with new combinations of all the above points is how you can customize your library area and design bookshelves. You could take all the various possible stacking patterns like vertical and horizontal and place them abstractly. You could leave the spaces in between to make it look freeing and breathable. Adding a few plants will definitely bring out the aesthetics even more.

Regardless of what is available to you, bookshelves can be the heart of any room when done right. Using the various elements you can combine, coming up with a well designed bookshelf shouldn’t be a big deal. Depending on the space you have to put your bookshelf in, you can get creative with placement.

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