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5 Unique Ideas to the Setup of Study Table

When it comes to studying spaces, many aspects need to be taken into consideration. A study table should be comfortable and utility fulfilling and set in a space where the person likes sitting there and studying for hours. If your house has enough space for a whole room to be dedicated to this, you should make the most of it.

If you ideally work and study with just a laptop on your bed sitting in whatever position you like, you can damage your spine and cause yourself some long-term pain. That is why the consideration of getting a dedicated study space is a must. This involves a table with all its various elements, a chair that can allow you to sit comfortably for hours when needed, and an ambience that makes you want to sit there.

Today we will talk about some ideas to make your study space a haven where you spend some quality alone time.

1. Color Schemes

Colors say a lot to you, even when you’re not listening. The color palette in which your room might be set in can change so much about how you feel about sitting there. The idea here is to experiment and find your palate. This color scheme does not have to be limited to only your walls. You can buy your furniture accordingly to get a keyboard and mouse with LED light setting to match the theme. You can even purchase lighting like bulbs and fairy lights to decorate the space in a thematic color palate.

2. Shelves

One great idea to incorporate is the use of shelves. The table and the shelves can be part of a thematic color scheme that goes well with the rest of the room. When you add shelves near your study table, you also add more utility to your workspace. You can do this in many different ways, like setting up asymmetric shelf configuration for an abstract look, having a large bookshelf and making it one of the main features of the room, or have multiple small shelves nailed to the wall in exciting patterns.

3. Posters and Pictures

The walls of your room can be used for so much when you think creatively. For a study space where you need to feel productive, hanging items like maps, elemental table, calendar, etc will help you to concentrate. You could alternatively go for a contrasting approach and decorate the space with your individualistic expression, like posters and paintings that you like, motivational quotes to lift the spirit etc. Regardless of what you choose, this idea will give your study area a more customized feeling.

4. Bunk bed/Workstation

One rising trend is the bunk bed/workstation. This idea involves removing the lower half of a traditional bunk bed and turning it into a study table with lots of space for drawers, shelves, baskets to keep things, etc. This kind of setup is perfect for people who never like to leave their room. This way, they can save time and energy whenever motivation strikes. One similar alternative is the smaller version of this, where instead of a full bed, you can add a small reading loft with a comfortable cushion.

5. Ergonomic Setup

This last one is not a styling tip but more like a tip for maximum efficiency. The ergonomic setup means adjusting all the table elements to be physically efficient to use for long hours. This means a certain distance at which your monitor should be, the height at which your screen should stay, arms should be parallel to the floor, and the feet flat on it. More things can make your life easier, like a mouse pad with padded wrist rest, a keyboard with the option of elevation etc.



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