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Modern Wall Decor Ideas by Using Wall Shelves

by Shifali Anand 16 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Modern day home décor is all about personalization. After all, the decoration is a reflection of you, and in the current day and age, you have more ways than ever to achieve it. Bare walls are an eyesore considering the potential they carry. But at the same time this can get really flustering. Which is why, we are here to help!

Shelves are a great way to decorate walls and also add some utility to them. A lot of people prefer painting walls, hanging pictures, using wallpaper etc. But those options don’t add anything other than just visual appeal. Although those are not inferior options by any sense of the word, using shelves to decorate your walls just adds so much more.

There are so many variables you can play around with when it comes to shelves. There are small shelves, big shelves, shelves in different colours and layout too! So let’s explore some ideas to use shelves in the best way for home décor.

This is a brilliant shelf idea to decorate the wall in a hall or dining room. It is minimal, has a clean look, and resembles branches of a tree. You can keep all kinds of things on this shelf, but suggested items would be small house plants and spiritual idols. The combination of wood and the steel bar gives it a refreshing look. This can go perfectly well with a wall that has a door in it, stated parallel to the lines of the door.

This just looks marvellous. Starting with the colour scheme, this is the perfect use of shelves to bring in a very refreshing style. Traditionally people tend to get bulky TV cabinets to keep things on, and clutter their space. This example shows you how to keep all your decorations around the TV gracefully using shelves. This modernized use of shelves is definitely something to consider.

Like the previous example, this one is also focused around your TV and wherever it is kept. There we were talking about making the décor work through minimization, but this one is all about going big. The idea is to create a focal point which is the television. Either by keeping the shelves in a fine order above the TV, or by flanking it from both sides like in this example. This kind of a setup is perfect for utility things like DVD or book collection, something that goes perfectly for a media room.

This example is all about fine artistic taste. The pointed shelves give it a very Egyptian feel. This kind of a setup is perfect for bohemian taste. Art collectors will find this as a great way to showcase small sculptures, vases, even keep books! These shelves are available in different shades, giving you more options to mix things up.

A floating shelf on one of the walls of your reading or bedroom can make for a great coffee station of bar. This is a great way to decorate since depending on the size of your collection, you can scale the size of the shelf as well. You can add a few bottles, some glasses and a vase to go along with it.

This one is for the book-worms! People can have massive book collections, aching to be showcased in the perfect way. This shelf is a great way to cover an entire wall with your literary collection. You can also spice things up with some decoration, different kinds of book arrangements and house plants.

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