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How to choose the right Bookshelf for your home?

by Ashish Anand 19 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Bookshelves aren’t just for holding books. You can use them to show off your favourite trinkets or store your CDs, DVDs or video games. You can also find some that have baskets that let you tuck away smaller items like shoes, toys, socks or cleaning supplies. The sky’s the limit, as long as you choose the right shelving from the start.

Buying Guide

Before choosing a bookshelf, consider factors, such as the style and size of the room you’ll be putting it in and the items you’ll be storing on it.

1. Style: Here are several of the most common types of bookshelves:

  • Standard:This type of bookshelf has several shelves. It includes a closed backing so that your books won’t fall onto the ground.
  • Open:Open bookshelves look similar to standard ones, but they don’t have a back.
  • Mounted:This type of bookshelf mounts to the wall. It typically has open shelves, with the wall acting as backing to keep books in place.
  • Ladder:Ladder bookshelves have a triangular shape, making them look like an open ladder. They’re usually slim, which makes them good for tight spaces.
  • Corner:This bookshelf has a back that’s at a 90-degree angle, allowing it to fit into a corner and not take up too much space.
  • Folding:This type of bookshelf has hinges that allow you to fold and store it when you’re having a gathering and need more space.
  • Divider: This bookshelf acts as a room divider and a bookcase, giving you both privacy and storage. Divider bookshelves work well in studio apartments or shared offices when you want to break up the space.

 2. Size: Before buying a bookshelf, measure the size of your room to determine an appropriate size for your bookshelf.

  • Shelf Depth:If you plan on storing textbooks or wider books on your bookcase, you may want the shelves to be deep so that they don’t stick out over the edge. If you’re using your bookshelf to store knick-knacks or smaller items, depth is less important.

 3. Material: The three most common types of bookshelf materials are wood, metal, and particleboard.

  • Wood:Traditional bookshelves are typically made of wood, as wood is durable and strong and can hold heavy books without collapsing.
  • Metal: Metal bookshelves are durable like wooden ones, but they have a more modern look.
  • Particleboard:Particleboard is a more affordable alternative to wood, but it’s less sturdy.

4. Adjustability: Some bookcases have height-adjustable shelves. These bookcases typically have pre-drilled holes on both sides to hold shelves at different heights.

5. Colour: If you want to match your bookshelf to the colour of your room, look for a product that comes in a variety of colour options.


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