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14 Storage Ideas To Organise Your Kitchen

by Shifali Anand 14 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Limited on space or have too much stuff to deal with? These storage ideas and solutions will help you de-clutter your kitchen. To get you started, here are a few golden rules to follow for home storage:

  • Opt for square containers. Unless you have open shelving, square storage containers are always a better option because they maximize space. Round containers are less space-efficient and never fit flush against a wall.
  • Don’t get cheap containers. If you’re storing clothes in a closet, you can by with the most basic containers, but if you’re storing them in an area where they will be exposed to the elements or changes in temperature, spring for the better-made versions. Plastic is best for long-term storage.
  • Look for nesters. Nesters are containers that stack well together. They're both stylish and practical.
  • Don’t buy sets. Sets of containers tend to have only one container of each size, which often doesn't match reality. Usually, it's best to size containers based on what you're storing.
  • Identify your storage space first. It's always best to locate a storage space before you start boxing everything up. Working backwards will save you time and headaches.

1. DIY Canned Food Organizer

Kitchen storage cart

If you have a small kitchen, this could be a huge space-saver for you. That space between the wall and the fridge is usually "dead space." Make the most of it by creating a tall, narrow pullout storage cart or rack to hold canned goods, spices, and oils.


2. Magazine Holders for Storing Veggies

Magazine holders are surprisingly versatile when it comes to home storage solutions. You can use them to store root vegetables in your storage racks or any other cool, dry place.

3. Save Counter Space With a Dish Drying Cabinet

Dish drying cabinet

This trick is currently all the rage in Northern Europe where modern design always seems to be on the forefront of everyone's minds (think: IKEA). Install a dish drying rack in a cabinet above your sink to save space on the countertop.


4. Organize Your Water Bottles and Travel Mugs

Label your coffee and water bottles

This storage idea may seem simple and obvious, but travel mugs and water bottles aren't the easiest things to organize. How often have you hunted through your cabinets looking for a travel coffee mug while on the way out the door? By labeling dishpans or shallow bins for smarter, more compact storage, you'll never waste time searching again.


5. Organize Your Tupperware

Tupperware and food storage containers aren't that easy to store either. By adding a drawer to your cabinet, you can nest your storage containers together and keep them streamlined and organized.

Tip: Rather than buying containers in sets, try to limit your collection to three or four different sizes, so you can nest them together more easily.


6. Pretend Pull-Out Drawers

Long shallow bins to store kitchen accessories

If you can't install pull-out storage, bins are the perfect alternative. This solution allows you to see what's in the back of your cabinet without having to remove all of the items in the front.


7. A Smarter Way to Organize Your Pans

A smarter way to organize cooking pans and dishes

Here's an idea that will work in any kitchen: wire racks that help you store anything that's long and thin, like baking dishes, cutting boards, or even sauté pans.


8. DIY Plastic Bag Dispenser

The idea of repurposing an item rather than throwing it away is not a new concept, but when a good idea comes along, especially one so simple, it feels like a spark of genius. Save your empty tissue box to keep plastic bags organized and within easy reach.


9. Above-Cabinet Storage

The key to making high-up storage work is visibility. Wire baskets let you see through them; woven baskets don't. Wire is also more durable and much easier to clean (an important benefit for exposed storage containers in the kitchen).


 10. Paint Pen Kitchen Organization

Paint pen kitchen organization

Decant the grains and spices you use most often into clear storage containers. Then find a fun way to label them (paint pens work well) for a unique display. This will make your grains and spices both more attractive and easier to find.

Buy 4-tier storage racks for your kitchen


11. Recycle Boxes to Organize Your Freezer

If you like to stock up and store things in your freezer, you know what a mess it can become if you fail to institute some organization. This storage idea is simple but smart: Cut the tops off of used cardboard boxes, label them, and fill them with frozen items for easy retrieval.


12. DIY Trash Bag Roll

Trash bag roll storage

This clever hack will save you the frustration of wrestling a bag out of the box every time you take out your trash. Each bag holder is made with two curtain rod hangers and a short length of wood dowel, which you can find at any hardware store or home centre.


13. Hang Your Measuring Spoons

Hang your measuring spoons

You've seen knives mounted on the wall with magnets, but what about hanging your measuring spoons to the inside of a cabinet? Choose the cabinet with all your baking supplies for the streamlined organization. All you need are some tiny Command-type hooks to make this simple storage idea a done deal.

14. DIY Mounted Tension Rod

Under-sink cleaning storage

Here's another super easy kitchen or bathroom storage DIY: Mount a tension rod under your bathroom sink and hang your spray bottles on it. This frees up room at the bottom of the cabinet for more storage and takes advantage of dead space below the sink. 

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