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Best Multi-Purpose Laptop Desk Table for Home

by Ashish Anand 22 Mar 2021 3 Comments

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it. The new norm has brought fresher perspectives to a lot of people. The corporate world, for example, had to make one of two choices; either shut down or adjust to the new norms and coordinate work through a distance where everyone can work from home. Of course, this arrangement doesn’t mainly work for every industry, but it works like a charm for many sectors.

For such industries where work from home works so well, there have been shifts of perspective and realizations that maybe working remotely is the way to go. This saves a company a lot of costs and makes life convenient for workers too. A lot of people have realized in these stressful times that they would instead prefer working from home.

When it comes to working from home, a fixed setup is a must. But what good is working from home if you can’t be flexible about it! A suitable desk that is set up like a workspace is ideal and makes you work more efficiently. But today, we’re talking about a different kind of setup; being able to work from your bed!

There are laptop tables that allow you to sit comfortably in your bed or couch and still have a very utility laden portable setup. These foldable small laptop tables have advanced in terms of quality and functionality these days and have become majorly popular since many people have started working from home.

There are several advantages of using such portable laptop desks and stands. They help in ergonomics when you’re trying to work in the most comfortable position possible. They also have features that counter-act the laptop’s tendency to get heated up through prolonged usage. It also allows you to have a better posture while working if you decide to do it on a couch or bed instead of your regular desk.

Let’s look at some examples of such flexible desks, which solve many purposes when it comes to laptop usage.

This desk is a brilliant minimalistic example of the kind of tables we’re discussing today. It has the right combination of a vast space to host your laptop and mouse while at the same time also having a small and compact design. It is lightweight and highly portable, which means you can carry it around with a laptop still placed on top of it. It is easy to assemble with adjustable height, making it highly customizable for your specific needs.

This excellent looking desk is just as functional as it is aesthetic. It can be highly customizable when it comes to height. The collapsible frame and extra space for the mouse make it an ideal portable work from home station. It even has a USB powered fan which keeps your laptop from getting overheated. It is sturdy and lightweight, perfect for home-usage.

This laptop table example has a PVC leather finish which allows the laptop to stick to the surface. With its flexible adjustment settings, you can come up with better viewing angles, making it easier for you to use the keyboard. It even has a utility drawer on the side where you can keep things of usage like post-it notes, glasses, or a notepad. It is compact and efficient in design.

This is a unique example of a similar idea but in a very different way. This swivel tray design is perfect for the couch. It allows you to sit upright while you’re placed comfortably on your plush couch. The best part is that you can even use it to enjoy meals while watching TV! When you’re done, you can just swivel it out of your peripheral vision. It is easy to assemble and has a sturdy design.

Another unique design on this list combines the best parts of the previous example with the other bed-friendly table designs. It is a portable table which you can remove whenever you please since it rolls on wheels attached with it. It also has shelves under it, which allow for even more utility. You can make this into a portable work-station that has so many layers of possible customization.

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