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5 Best Laptop Desk Setup Elements for Those Working From Home

by Ashish Anand 19 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, remote working has been a sincerely followed trend that has kept businesses afloat. So many companies had to adjust to these changes by allowing their staff to work from home and try and maintain the same workload as well. There have been many challenges initially, but as the world started to settle into this brand new form of office work, companies have started to see the benefits of such a work culture too!

Lots of companies have noticed a shift in the productivity of their employees for the better. It is suspected that when people have no pressure of physical supervision, they can work with less stress, and still meet deadlines because nobody wants their superiors to lose faith in their work performance. All of these changes have made completely working from home a viable option, even if the Covid-19 situation is dealt with.

This new work culture will have companies save a lot of money on office spaces and infrastructure to make a running office possible. That being said, for the employee, maintaining the same kind of productivity at the comfort of their home needs them to take extra steps. These extra steps basically mean, recreating the physical setup that resembles what they’d work on in an actual office.

People, when working from home can subdue to bad postural habits, amongst other things. Lying down on your bed while writing that blog or finish that report could feel great for a while, but in the long term, it does great damage. Regardless, it is not great for your productivity either. Habits like these give rise to feelings of lethargy and laziness.

So are you wondering how to setup your own office-like setup at home? Glance through the following points to get an idea of how to make a viable work from home office desk. Depending on your line of work, a lot of elements of the actual machine configuration will vary, but this list goes through some basic things that every work desk needs.

1. Desk and Chair: Since our main talking point was comfort and posture, desk and chairs are the main focal point when it comes to an office-like setting. A table that is made specifically for ergonomic laptop or desktop setup is ideal for working for 7-9 hours a day. Similarly, an adjustable office chair will give you the correct posture to work for extended hours. There are a few points on the checklist, like your hands should be parallel to the ground, feet laid square on the floor and eyes directly in front of the screen without having to bend your neck.

2. Monitor: Most people these days work on a laptop, but regardless of that a proper monitor can change the work experience manifold. Especially if you are someone who needs a good quality screen to be able to work, a good monitor is something you definitely need to invest on. Now days, there are monitors which are made especially for eye comfort. Those are great for working long hours.

3. Keyboard and Mouse: The keyboard and the mouse are two elements that spend the most time working with physically. The angles and setup of these two peripherals determines so much about the overall setup. There are options available these days in the market which enables you to work in a comfortable position with both keyboard and mouse. There are mouse pads that come with a wrist rest for you to avoid cramping your hand. Wireless mouse and keyboard can make life even easier for you since they avoid the clutter of wires which can be annoying.

4. Docks and Hubs: These are the external connection hubs where you can effectively arrange all your physical connections neatly. Sometimes the USB connections in your laptop are not enough, or even if they are, they can make things messy with wires and cables going all across the laptop. A dock or hub can help you organize your space with efficiency.

5. Connectivity: When you’re working from home, you will need a good internet connection. Sometimes companies have a video conference meeting. This is where a good connection is really valued. The whole idea of working from home is for it to not hamper any process that would be better in a real brick and mortar office. Depending on your line of work, you might need good upload and download speeds. Regardless, an uninterrupted broadband connection is highly suggested.


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