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5 Creative Ideas for Bookshelves in Home Decoration

by Ashish Anand 23 Dec 2020 0 Comments

People feel the most peaceful and settled in their homes, and a big reason for that serene feeling is the house being a reflection of you as a person. This is why when you try to crash at your friend's place or travel, it is hard to fall asleep or find comfort.

We like to decorate our houses in our likeness because that is how we make a house home. This involves several layers of customisation, ranging from your favorite pillow in the right place to thematic decoration across the property.

Today's topic is for the bookworms and avid readers who find it difficult to dip their toes in home décor! The idea of decorating your house can either get you very excited and confused or intimidate you into backing out of it altogether. The trick is to explore your options and see what works best for you.

Most bookshelf décor is potent enough to be made into a fantastic visual out of things you can find at home lying around. There's nothing better than a thematically decorated work/living space where you have all your favorite books and the right ambiance to help you feel motivated daily. So without further ado, let's get started!

1. Pick a Theme

The first and essential step of the decoration process is visualizing your room. How much do you want to clutter it with things? What color do you see this room in? When you have those things jotted down, the next business order is to stylize the space in this theme, and your bookshelves are an essential piece of the puzzle. For example, you could try covering the bookshelves in the same fabric as the chairs and couches.

2. Make the Best out of Waste

Sometimes the best bookshelves can be made from the most minimalistic, straightforward approach, like an old discarded chair. You could paint this chair, saw it off from a few places, add some more decorative items with your books on top of them, and voila! You have something that looks unique and resourceful.

3. Use of Saturated Colors

One way to have your bookshelves be one of the room's main features is by painting them in stunning and vibrant colors. This kind of decoration is perfect for people who relate to more eccentric colors and like vibrant tones in their rooms. An ideal combination to go with this would be books with equally bizarre titles!

4. Organization of Books

It's not only the shelves that need to carry the burden of raising a space's aesthetics. You could also use the books themselves as an excellent decorating tool. It's all about how you choose to arrange them. You could do this by stacking them by color or height. You could turn some with the spine facing inside, so the pages are visible on the other side. You could also play around with how you stack them. In a few sections, you could stack them horizontally, and sometimes you could line them vertically.

5. Symmetrical Bookshelves

When you're trying to decorate a room that already has a large centerpiece, you could think about getting identical shelves and arrange them symmetrically around the centerpiece. This applies to the living room where you could keep a shelf on either side of the TV cabinet, or similarly in a dining hall around the table. Based on perspective, you could also use a pair of bookshelves to decorate a particular corner of the room.

6. Use Handy Bookends

Bookends are heavy showpieces that keep your vertical list of books standing straight and not falling over. This gives you room to bring in something like small figures, tribal mementos, or architectural salvage to add to your décor. This is also an ample opportunity to bring in even more customization.

7. Decorating with Color or Wallpaper

The books are just one piece of the puzzle. They are the foreground of something that fills the background. You could make space feel so much nicer by just adding a contrasting color to the background or even wallpaper. You could use different colors and wallpapers to go with a particular scheme of the room.

These are some ideas on how you could take your vast collection of books and combine them with some wooden planks to tune-up your room into something fantastic!

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