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5 Tips to take care of your Wooden Furniture

5 Tips to take care of your Wooden Furniture 0

1. To ensure the longevity of your wooden furniture, please avoid exposing the pieces to excessive sunlight, dampness, heat or cold.

2. When placing table lamps on any wooden surface, such as desks, dressers, and sideboards, please use a felt or leather mat to protect your furniture from scratches. Alternatively, a table runner can be used.

3. Clean the surface frequently with a cloth dampened with diluted cleaning polish. Spills or smudges can be wiped clean using a damp cloth dipped in mild soap or cleaning polish.

4. Polish your furniture with silicone-free polish every six months. Please note that polishing too often could result in a waxy buildup. Furniture polish is easily available on online stores and in local hardware stores.

5. Moisture can make veneer warp or bend. Therefore, please avoid exposing wooden furniture that’s been laminated with veneer to humidity changes.

CAUTION: We advise against using furniture polish, chemical solvents and cleaners for our range of children’s furniture.

      Tips to take care of Engineered wood furniture

      Tips to take care of Engineered wood furniture 0

      What is Engineered Wood Furniture?

      Engineered wood includes furniture made of MDF, plywood, veneer, particleboard, etc

      Some time tested tips to take care of engineered wood furniture:

      • For engineered wood furniture, it is recommended to wipe it clean with a clean, damp cloth regularly.

      • Please use coasters or mats when placing anything hot, cold or wet on surfaces made of engineered wood.

      • Wipe any spills and stains immediately with a clean, dry cloth.

      • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and temperature variations may cause the colour of engineered wood to fade.

      • Moisture can make veneer laminates to warp or bend. Therefore, it is recommended that such furniture is not exposed to humidity changes.

      • Ashish Anand