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Best Bookshelves for the Bibliophile in You!

by Ashish Anand 09 Jul 2021 0 Comments

Bookshelves play an important role in keeping your books safe and organized. They provide optimum space to store your books, stationery and other essentials. Bookshelves are available in various materials such as wood, steel, plastic, and more in the market. They also come in different designs, capacity and styles to suit the decors of other interiors. To help you perfectly organize your paperbacks and more, we have come up with the best bookshelves list. Take your pick.

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 Things to consider while buying a bookshelf:

Storage space
A bookshelf has to be chosen based on the number of books to be stored in it. You can store photo frames or decorative items on the bookshelf. Choose one based on the number of things to be stored in it.

Generally, bookshelves are made out of engineered wood, medium-density fibre, or plastic. Choose a bookshelf that is light in weight so that you can easily move it for cleaning purposes.

Bookshelves come in five types, namely, standard, cube, modular, leaning, and corner. Among these, standard-type bookshelves are mostly preferred and used.

Most of the bookshelves are about 12 inches deep so that there is more space for storage. However, there are a few bookcases like leaning style or ladder style bookshelves that feature narrow shelves. Think of what type of books (thick or thin) you will store on the bookshelf and then buy accordingly.

The shelf has to be in tone with your decor. There are various styles such as traditional, modern, contemporary, rustic and more. You can pick one based on your taste and interiors.

Adjustable Shelves
Many manufacturers make custom bookshelves. Hence, there are a few adjustable shelves too. These adjustable shelves are handy if you want to keep large books or large objects on the bookshelf. You can remove the shelf and place the books accordingly. Adjustable shelves give you flexibility, and you can adjust the height of the shelves at any time.

Finish and Style
You can check the style and the finish of the bookshelf properly and see if it will look good at the place you plan to place it. Styling of the bookshelf matters a lot.

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